Why choose Wickid Candles?

When I set out to start making candles, I did a lot of research. What I found, was there were several different types of wax, and not all were good. I chose to use environmentally conscious, toxin-free  ingredients.
At first, I experimented with soy wax, as it was considered to be the best natural, and sustainable option next to beeswax.  But beeswax doesn't carry scent well and really isn't sustainable. Soy wax was a great alternative that burned cleaner and was considered sustainable, but it is derived from GMO soybeans And then I discovered coconut wax, which is truly organic...and the most sustainable wax.
There's no shame if you don't know the difference between one candle and the next! Of course, all candles are composed of wax, but did you know that there are different types of wax?

Paraffin wax

The most common and cost effective wax is paraffin. Ever wonder why your candle gets that nasty soot ring around the rim of the container? Paraffin wax is made from the leftovers of the crude oil refinement process. This doesn’t automatically make it toxic, and there’s always the upside that the parts of the oil that would otherwise be discarded. The candles you see on the shelf at your local big name store, are typically made from paraffin, which is why you can purchase one for under $10. (have you ever noticed their label fails to list the ingredients?)  In addition to that, studies have shown that burning paraffin wax candles can create airborne chemicals that have been linked to cancer risks.  Also keep in mind, those scents at big name stores, from pumpkin spice to marshmallow fluff, are often scented using synthetic chemicals that can actually put your health at risk when they turn to liquid and fill the air. Enough said.


Bees wax


Beeswax is the oldest known type of candle wax. It dates back to the Egyptians, who dipped papyrus leaves in the wax before burning them. However, it isn’t often used for scented candles as the wax has it’s own beautiful honey aroma that doesn’t easily mix with other scents. 


Beeswax candles are considered the healthiest as they are smokeless and sootless, and actually can help purify air. Beeswax is sourced naturally from bees; they create it by eating honey and make it as part of their daily hive building activities. Many scented candle makers who use beeswax in their creations will mix in another type of candle wax. 

Soy wax

Soy candles haven’t been around a long time, with soy wax only being invented back in 1996. Soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from soybean oil. To get to the oil, harvested soybeans are cleaned, dehulled, cracked, and rolled into flakes. The oil is then extracted from these flakes and hydrogenated, a process where the unsaturated fatty acids present in the oil are saturated. This alters the oil’s melting point, making it solidify at room temperature and ready for candle making.  

Environmentally speaking, while it’s a better choice compared to paraffin wax, it still has a few eco issues. Soybean oil is a byproduct of the massive soybean industry and there are concerns over deforestation and the use of pesticides and fertilisers used to grow soy beans.

soy wax.jpg

Coconut wax


There are several natural alternatives, such as bees wax and soy wax, but neither compare to the benefits of coconut wax. Coconut Wax is a soft creamy white color and is the eco-friendly choice. Harvesting the oil is an organic process with coconuts themselves being a sustainable high yield crop. Coconut wax is made by using the hydrogenation process where coconut oil is transformed into wax. It's easier to work with (great for me) and it also has wonderful benefits for you, the consumer, as well. 

  • Coconut candles burn cooler, which extends the life of your candle.

  • Throws scent better than any other wax.

  • Made from a sustainable, easily renewable crop.

  • Works well with a variety of essential oils.

  • Obtained through an entirely natural process.

  • Coconut wax is vegan.

There is really no comparison to coconut wax. Why put your health or your family at risk when you don’t have to? 
Candles help set the mood for relaxation, celebration, romance, meditation and pure enjoyment of scent & light.  Make the right choice...choose Wickid Candle.