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Any revolution requires an Army of passionate supporters, ready to stand up for what they believe. Once you've experienced a Wickid candle, you understand the quality and passion we put into each handcrafted product. And as a Wickid Army member, it is your duty to go forth and spread the word...there IS an option when it comes to clean, long-lasting, natural scented candles...Wickid Candle.

We align our brand with those who share the same passion and originality. Take a minute and get to know our partners and if you haven't joined our Army yet...enlist today!

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We found Alix Clifford, aka ALIXIE, streaming Fortnite on Facebook. Originally from Essex, now living in Yorkshire, Alix is quickly growing her community of gamers, from kids and their parents, to grown-ups across the globe.


Her pleasant engagement, clean content, and entertaining mix of Supporters, has casual Fortnite fans logging on daily for the chance to catch a Victory Royale with ALIXIEFB 

You can catch her stream and hear about her babies, Link &

Logan, and Barney...her pony.

Check out Alix unboxing her Wickid Candle on Facebook

@alixiegaming, catch her playing League of Legends,

Fortnite and Fall Guys at AlixieGaming on Instagram & Twitter


follow - like - share enjoy!


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