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Why choose Wickid Candles?
Check out our ingredients!

Made from coconut wax

Truly organic and most sustainable wax.

There are several natural alternatives, such as bees wax and soy wax, but neither compare to the benefits of coconut wax. Coconut Wax is the eco-friendly choice.

Cold-Pressed-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-300x300 1.png
IMG-6842 1.png

Toxin-free ingredients

Obtained through an entirely natural process.

The coconut wax is eco-friendly and burns cleaner than paraffin. It is a natural product that contains no chemicals and does no harm to the environment upon disposal.

100% Vegan

Fully natural product. Not tested on animals.

Coconut wax is a vegetable, plant-based wax made from coconut oil. As a wax, it has a low melting point which is an ideal ingredient for candles.

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Longest lasting scent

Holds more fragrance than other waxes.

Coconut wax throws scent better than any other wax. It can easily fill up space with smell.

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