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Introducing "Island Breeze," a nostalgic candle fragrance that pays homage to the iconic Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil of the 1980s. Transport yourself back to the sun-drenched beaches and pool-side backyards of that era with this captivating scent.


"Island Breeze" captures the essence of carefree summers and beachside adventures. The fragrance opens with a burst of tropical fruits, combining juicy pineapple, tangy citrus, and ripe mango. These vibrant notes evoke memories of sun-soaked days and the refreshing aroma that filled the air.


As the candle burns, subtle hints of coconut emerge, reminiscent of the iconic Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil. The creamy, sun-kissed coconut adds a touch of indulgence, perfectly complementing the fruity top notes. Embrace the timeless appeal of that era and infuse your space with the essence of an eternal summer.

Island Bliss

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