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Valentine bundle

Introducing "Wood Sage & Sea Salt," an enchanting candle fragrance crafted to transport you to a serene coastal retreat. Immerse yourself in the captivating symphony of scents that unfold with each gentle flicker.


At the forefront of this fragrance, you'll be greeted by the elegance of musk and the delicate essence of soft florals, intertwining in perfect harmony. These top notes lend an air of sophistication, drawing you deeper into the sensory experience.


As the fragrance develops, citrus middle notes burst forth, infusing the atmosphere with a refreshing burst of vitality. The zesty citrus notes add a lively and uplifting touch, evoking the crispness of sea salt kissed by ocean breezes.


The foundation of "Wood Sage & Sea Salt" reveals sensual woody undertones and amber notes, grounding the fragrance with warmth and depth. The woody accords provide a sense of tranquility, reminiscent of a coastal forest where sage mingles with the scent of aged driftwood.


Allow yourself to be carried away by the harmonious blend of elegant musk, soft floral notes, and uplifting citrus, anchored by the earthy embrace of woody amber. "Wood Sage & Sea Salt" embodies the essence of coastal allure, offering a fragrant escape to a world of refined coastal bliss.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

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