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Our solid colognes are handmade from all-natural beeswax, organic African shea butter, jojoba oil and essential oil infused fragrances. The benefit to using our product is the ease of use and portability. Simply take a small amount from the tin, warm it between your finger and thumb, then dab it on pulse points—on the wrists and neck, and behind the ears. The waxes and oils double as moisturizers, so rub any excess through your hair or beard, or onto the skin. By using these warm areas, the scent is activated throughout the day and also starts to subtly blend with your own natural musk.

So why should you be making room in your pocket for a Wickid solid cologne?


Portability – The small size and light weight makes it ideal when compared to a spray bottle for carrying with you on the go. You can place it in your gym bag or slide into your breast pocket, allowing you to top up your scent throughout the day when most needed. This also makes it much safer for carrying on flights (or posting abroad). Many airlines don’t allow bottles of liquid or they will specify a maximum capacity but you won’t have any trouble keeping a solid cologne in your hand luggage.


Durability – Speaking of gym bags, a solid cologne won’t smash and leak its contents everywhere if you were to drop your bag or even the cologne itself directly on the floor. Usually housed in a small metal tin, they are much more sturdy.


Privacy – One of the reasons it has perhaps taken off so well within the male grooming industry is its subtle nature. Sometimes, especially in an office environment, it can feel awkward for a man to pull out his aftershave and start spraying himself. The act or sudden waft of fragrance can draw unwanted attention that some may deem unprofessional in a workplace. On the other hand, it’s very easy to subtly rub a little bit of solid cologne on without attracting attention.


Ease Of Use – We’ve all known someone that wears too much perfume/aftershave, the type that you can smell coming before you see them. Another positive with solid colognes is that the scents tend to be milder so you won’t be leaving a trail through the office and subjecting everyone else to your choice of fragrance. They also force you to use them correctly; by applying a small amount to the pulse points to get the most out of them which makes it difficult to smell too strongly. There is an etiquette to applying fragrance because a gentleman knows that his scent should only be apparent from up close, for those with the privilege of being up close.


Kind to the skin – Most aftershaves have a high percentage of alcohol inside which is often touted as a drying ingredient for the skin. Whether the occasional spray on your skin is bad for it or not, using a a solid cologne certainly won’t be as they don’t include any alcohol (or even water) and instead make use of natural moisturising ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils.


The only disadvantage would be that most solid colognes typically last somewhere between 2-4 hours, which is better than cheaper aftershaves but doesn’t have the lasting effect that a more expensive eau de parfum might have. However, as already mentioned, this is in part made up for by its portability and ease-of-use so, as long as you don’t mind topping up later in the day, this may not be a disadvantage for you.

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